Profile | Brita Graser

Brita Graser



Masters in Osteopathy (Hons),

Diploma in Sports Massage

What you do, in a nutshell?

My practice is dedicated to understanding my patients and tailoring their osteopathic treatment to their needs. This may include structural, functional, visceral or cranial treatments. My focus lies on identifying and treating the structural causes of their pain (which may include treatment in areas that are related but are pain-free) and providing advice on how patients can help speed up their body’s healing process to improve their quality of life.

Areas of interest?

  • Visceral (organ) manipulation and the effect of organ restrictions on a person’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Headaches
  • Posture-related issues

When I’m not at the Daws Osteopathy clinic:

I am hiking and exploring New Zealand’s beautiful nature. Also, I am on a mission to identify NZ’s best Sauvignon Blanc and to master the Kiwi accent.