Profile | Simon Sullivan

Simon Sullivan


What you do, in a nutshell?

I find what’s not moving and help it move better, that might mean muscles and joints or lymph, blood and organ systems. As an integrative Osteopath, I work alongside you and your health care team to obtain the best results for you.

Areas of interest?

  • Chronic pain and complex health issues
  • Neck and shoulder injuries
  • Pre and post-natal care
  • Cranio-sacral approaches

When I’m not at the Daws Osteopathy clinic,

I am surfing the best waves Raglan has to offer, playing with my 4-year-old son, cooking delicious feasts for my family and friends and working on my dance moves.  Having just arrived from Byron Bay in Australia I am looking forward to exploring the spectacular natural beauty of New Zealand so you will likely find me camping by a river or the sea.

For more information see my LinkedIn page.

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