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Daws Osteopathy now offers Pilates sessions to our list of services. Each session is run alongside your osteopathic treatment, so you get your own  personally tailored treatment.

Pilates has many positive effects on the body such as:

– Improved concentration and mindfulness
– Increased breathing capacity
– Alignment and posture correction
– Balance and core control
– Coordination
– Reduce tension and stress
– Alleviate low-back pain
– Improve strength and flexibility

All that makes it great for injury prevention, as well as rehab.

Pilates is an ideal way to exercise at home, in the gym, or even in the park, as you can train with or without any equipment. Sessions are run within the clinic alongside expert osteopathic assessment and treatment where appropriate, so you get a unique, specific and targeted approach to help you achieve your best results.

Sessions can also be run with two people, so you can enjoy training with a friend while making it more cost-effective – and still hit those key areas of focus.

For more information, see our blog post or click here to book your first session now.


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