The Daws Studio

Coming back from injury?

The Daws Studio is a fully-equipped space where you’ll get all the support you need to follow through your rehabilitation plan and get back to full strength.

Whatever you need, it’s in here – a stretching mat and rubber bands for gentle, early-stage rehab, right through to a full power rack and bench. With full supervision, we’ll show you the correct form to prevent any further injury.

You’ll be in great hands with the excellent Holly Pass. As our specialist trainer, he works directly alongside your osteopath to help your body gain fitness, strength and resilience.

There’s a whole world of activity out there – don’t let recurring injuries make you miss out on any of it.

To find out more about the Studio and how it could help your return from injury, give the clinic a call on 0800 MY OSTEO (696 783) or book with Holly directly here.



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